Website Development

Responsive Design

Our websites are built with the latest Squarespace software, so your responsive website will look good across all devices. Big screens, small screens, smart phones, iPhones and tablets. 

Artistic Approach

We at Frame 61 have experience in developing websites for the art and fashion world. With a fresh, high standard, contemporary websites that will give you that professional creative edge. 


By using the CMS (Content Management System) Squarespace you can easily edit the website post completion. With its user-friendly edit platform.

Website Metrics

Our websites come with access to your websites metrics, with Traffic overview, mobile usage, referrers, search engine queries. Plus more.

Squarespace Specialists

We are proud to be one of the first Squarespace Specialists to be available to its customers. Our long standing partnership has been helping our clients get the results they are after.

Video Tutorials 

Our platform is very user friendly and there is plenty of help and easy to follow instructions. But if you are finding it difficult then we can offer you your own personal instructional videos. We also offer a monthly maintenance fee if you prefer us to the updating for you.